How many times have I changed my multivitamin? Way too many to count! When you are staring at all of your options at the grocery store, it can be a little overwhelming. How do you know which ones are right for you? Luckily, I am here to help you determine which multivitamins are going to be the most beneficial for you.

One-A-Day Women’s Multivitamin

The One-A-Day Women’s Multivitamin is a great option for a number of women. It contains folic acid, iron, and vitamin D among other things. These are all elements that you should always look for in a multivitamin. The only downside of this multivitamin is that it is not suitable for women who are vegans or vegetarians. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Target up&up Women’s Daily is virtually identical with the ingredients.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One for Women

This multivitamin is a great option for women who want vegetarian, gluten free, and kosher multivitamins. In addition to these benefits, it contains 800 mcg of folate from naturally-occuring sources as well as 6 mg of iron. In comparison to other multivitamins, that’s a low amount of iron and a high amount of folate. This may be a better choice for women who don’t eat a lof of folate-containing foods or women who are not in need of supplemental iron.

MyKind Organics Women’s Multi

Garden of Life also makes a good multivitamin for vegans. Vegan diets do not contain a lot of B-12 which makes this multivitamin a good choice for vegans as it has 30 mcg of B-12. It also contains 10 mg of iron and 500 mcg of folate. This is recommended for women under age 40.

Garden of Life MyKind Women’s 40+

If you are over age 40, this is a great option for you. It is very similar to the other multivitamins from Garden of Life for women. It does include 60 mcg of B-12 as women over 40 begin to have difficulty with metabolizing B-12, and it does not contain iron as most women over age 40 do not need to supplement with iron.

When it comes to women’s multivitamins, there are so many different options to choose from. One of the best ways to decide which multivitamin is right for you is just to try it out and see how you like it.